The Mopar® name, a simple contraction of the words Motor and Parts, was registered as a trademark in 1937 with the launch of an antifreeze product. From there, we sought to become an original part and trusted partner along for the driver’s entire journey.

For nearly 80 years we’ve carried that passion with us, fueling one innovation after another to make us challengers of convention. And today, our filters, engines and floor mats – hands, heads and hearts – are all connecting brands around the globe to keep the human engine running strong.

Innovative Thermal

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Thermal management and emerging technology solutions


Automotive Thermostats
Fail-Safe® Thermostats
UltraStat® Thermostats
Coolant Housing
Integrated Housing Thermostats

Emerging Technologies

Knock Sensors
Throttle Position Sensors
Coolant Temp Sensors/Senders
VVT Solenoids
Mass Air Flow MAF Sensors
Ignition Coils
Cam/Crank Sensors


Tethered Fuel Cap
Coolant Caps
Oil Caps
Fuel Caps
DEF Caps
Oil Filter Caps
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