The Mopar® name, a simple contraction of the words Motor and Parts, was registered as a trademark in 1937 with the launch of an antifreeze product. From there, we sought to become an original part and trusted partner along for the driver’s entire journey.

For nearly 80 years we’ve carried that passion with us, fueling one innovation after another to make us challengers of convention. And today, our filters, engines and floor mats – hands, heads and hearts – are all connecting brands around the globe to keep the human engine running strong.

Factory Supplied

Dedicated Service

The Mopar® Advantage

A/C & Heating

Condensers & Evaporators
Heater Cores
Blower Motors, Blend Door Actuator
Accumulators & Receiver Driers
Orifice Tubes, Lines & Hoses
Fittings, Adapters & O-Rings
Switches, Relays & Valves

Belts & Tensioners

Serpentine & V-Belts
Timing Belts
Belt Tensioners & Idler Pulleys


Pads & Shoes
Rotors & Drums
Calipers – New & Reman
Vacuum Boosters & Master Cylinders
Wheel Cylinders, Hardware
All Makes Coverage – Including Ram ProMaster®



  • 3-Year Formula — Green — IAT
  • 5-Year Extended Life Formula — Green — POAT
  • 5-Year/100,000-Mile Formula — Orange — HOAT
  • 10-Year/150,000-Mile Formula — Purple — OAT

Cooling System Flush
Sealants & Additives
Brake Fluid & Cleaner
Fuel Injection Cleaner

Cooling System

Radiators & Condensers
Electrical & Mechanical Fans
Fan Clutches
Thermostats & Gaskets
Water Pumps
Radiator & Heater Hose


Air, Fuel & Oil Filters
Air Induction Kits
Engine Sensor
Glow Plugs, Relays & Control Units
Coolant & Fuel Additives
Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Electrical & Ignition

Batteries – 18-, 24- & 36-Month
Starters & Alternators – New & Reman
Connectors, Coils & Switches
Spark Plugs
All Makes Coverage

Exhaust & Emissions

Catalytic Converters
Exhaust Mufflers & Pipes
EGR Valves
Evap Canisters

Steering & Suspension

Shocks & Struts
Steering Gears & Pumps**
Steering Racks**
CV Joints & Boots
Chassis Parts
Tie Rods


Oil, Air & Cabin Air
Fuel Filters
Transmission Filters
Cummins Diesel Filters
All Makes Coverage

Fuel & Air Management

Multi-Port Fuel Injectors
Throttle Body Injectors
Electric Fuel Pump Senders, Relays
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Fuel Line & PVC Hoses
Throttle Body Elbows
Idle Air Control Valves & Gaskets

Lubricants & Fluids

Conventional, Full Synthetic & Synthetic Blend Engine Oils
Dexos1TM Approved Options
Diesel & DEF
ATF+4 and CVT+4
Mopar® , Shell RotellaTM and Pennzoil® Brands Available


TPMS Sensors – O.E. & Universal
Oxygen Sensors
Coolant Temperature Sensors
CKP/CMP Sensors
MAP/MAF Sensors
ABS Sensors
Throttle Position Sensors
Vehicle Speed Sensors

Wiper Blades

All Makes Coverage
Beam Blades
Conventional Blades

**Available new and reman

Product Lists & Brochures

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